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Join our internship team and learn on-hand skills! 


The internship is a non-paid/college-credited position. It is ideal for dedicated individuals who want hands-on experience in event production/planning, marketing, and public relations. Our internship program can be customized to meet your career goals.


  • Gain college credit.

  • Gain valuable, professional work experience.

  • Explore a career path.

  • Give yourself an edge in the job market.

  • Develop and refine skills.

  • Network with professionals in the field.

  • Gain confidence.


Thank you so much for taking the time to provide a positive and descriptive reference for me.

I was offered the Administrative Assistant position at 

UW Medicine this morning

and I'm thrilled at the opportunity!

I believe your positive reference played a large part in opening up this new opportunity for me and I want to express my sincere gratitude for your time and help. 



One of my main projects was to manage our client's strategic partnerships. From this I was able to enhance my sales, negotiating, and relationship-building skills, while improving my communication and strategic thinking skills. I also learned a lot from Daphne because it was very inspiring to work with someone that cares so deeply about her clients and making a difference in the world. This experience has helped me grow both professionally and personally

and for that, I am very grateful.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Am I eligible for an internship?

A: Interns must be academically enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited four-year college or university.

Q: When will internship opportunities become available?

A: Internships are available throughout the year on a rolling basis. There's always an opportunity to learn and grow. 


Q: Will I gain mentorship during my internship?

A: Yes, consistent feedback and professional coaching are a key part of the internship experience. In addition, interns have the opportunity to work side by side with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.


Q: Are interns able to work on actual events and other campaigns?

A: Absolutely! Our interns learn while working on actual events, marketing, and public relations campaigns. 


Q: Will there be opportunities to network with other interns?

A: Yes, our intern program provides an opportunity to connect with other DPC interns and work together with them. 



Q: Can I intern for D. Plump Consulting, LLC for more than one term?

A: Yes, it’s possible. We cater each internship to best meet the needs of our interns.


Q: What are the benefits of interning with D. Plump Consulting, LLC?

A: We focus on you as the intern! We want you to gain as much industry knowledge as possible during your time with us. The sky is the limit during your internship. While we do not offer monetary internships, we make sure your receive high-level professional development. 

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