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International Nonprofit Selects D. PLUMP CONSULTING, LLC to Produce Podcasts

The Human Growth Foundation selects D. PLUMP CONSULTING, LLC to produce its all-new HGF Endocrine Podcast. HGF is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to research, advocacy, education, and patient support for children and adults with rare growth and bone disorders and growth hormone deficiency.

The HGF Endocrine Education Podcast will feature endocrine experts who will discuss the latest developments in care and treatment options for growth and bone disorders. "With seven episodes released so far, the podcast has seen some immediate success, and we are hoping to raise the following even more," says Jillian Stone of D. PLUMP CONSULTING, LLC. "We will begin rolling out the comprehension marketing and public relations plan this week," Stone adds. New podcast episodes will be released twice every month. To listen to the HGF Endocrine Education Podcast, visit


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