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Making a Virtual Event Stand Out

We love what we do, and what we do isn't necessarily smooth sailing some of the time. As event producers, one of the most important aspects is getting people to attend the event. However, after the pandemic lockdown, many businesses were forced to adjust to new circumstances where large gatherings were no longer an option. As the world starts to open back up, it is interesting to see what this means for the event planning industry and whether new trends will stick.

Virtual events are a good example of these new trends. First, you must find a way to engage and interact with guests to replicate a real in-person event. This past year, new territory for everyone has granted event planners the opportunity to step up their game and nail down the perfect steps to ensuring your virtual event will be a success.

Our team has been fortunate to produce weekly virtual events, from star-studded virtual galas with Ted Danson, Edward Norton, Annette Bening, Vanessa Williams, and more - to global medical conferences.

When planning such events, we use several tips and tactics to make them all enjoyable and informative for all in attendance.

First, zoom fatigue is real. Staring at a computer all day can be tiring, so it’s important to find ways to make your event interactive. Such as having interactive poster halls like at the Cannabis Research Conference coming up. Allowing guests to choose what they want to hear about and communicate with others allows the experience to feel more real and connects guests on a deeper level than just staring at a screen.

Second, if possible, make it live! By incorporating live segments like musical performances, you help to establish the real-life environment. In addition, you can reach a larger audience if you provide more viewing options!


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