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Jordan Zucker on Fantasy Football Draft Party for Women - Fox 11 Los Angeles TV Appearance

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Actress and on-air personality, Jordan Zucker, best known for her role on “Scrubs,” is changing the way the world thinks of Fantasy Football and Draft Day. The avid sports fan founded “Girls Guide to Sports” is hosting “Girls Guide to Fantasy Football Draft Party” for all females who always wanted to grab the ball and play General Manager for the National Football League. The event will be held on Sunday, August 30th at KessPro Studios, in Los Angeles, from 3-11 pm. “This event is a chance for all the ladies…girls and women…to be a part of what is currently seen as a traditionally male activity,” says “Girls Guide to Fantasy Football” founder Jordan Zucker. “There are many women who follow sports, the NFL specifically, who are as just as much die-hard fans as men, but you would never know it. They don’t feel they have permission to play. This event opens the door for all females to have a great time, join a fantasy football league, and have the best time on Draft Day.” The female fantasy sports market is slowly growing every year. Jordan and Girls Guide hopes to increase the speed of closing the gap on the male/female ratio imbalance. Fantasy Sports Trade Association, an international organization dedicated to the advancement of the fantasy sports business industry, estimates that 80% of the players are male. Girls Guide intends to lower that percentage every year. This means the female market has lots of room for growth as the NFL seeks to increase its annual revenue from about $10 billion to its stated goal of $25 billion by 2027. The “Girls Guide to Fantasy Football Draft Party” will include a tutorial on how to play the game and navigate the draft website, followed by actual live drafts with leagues divided into 8-14 women, then an after party to celebrate their teams. For more information and learn how to participate in “Girls Guide to Fantasy Football Draft Party,” visit:

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