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Recording Artist Manny D Set to Complete New Album Fall 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011



Daphne Plump

D. Plump Consulting

Latin Recording Artist Manny D Steps “IN THE LIGHT”

with Soon to be Released Collaboration with Grammy Nominated Producer

Manny D

2911 Global Entertainment, LLC announces the upcoming album release of “En La Luz” (“In the Light”) by their new recording artist Manny D. Mexico-born Manny D' Alesandro came from humble upbringings to become a household name in Corpus Christi, Texas and he is now considered THE ONE to listen to across the nation. However, this Latin artist is not feeling the pressure, instead he’s currently in a Los Angeles studio writing and recording for his first national album, “En la Luz” (“In the Light”), an English and Spanish album expected to have music lovers feeling the vibe …in the light. Listeners will think Justin Timberlake, Taio Cruz and Usher all rolled into one. The music of “En la Luz” will stay true to Manny D’s Latin influence, but will couple the hot sounds and luscious beats of big city nightclubs with deeply meaningful words which will undoubtedly enlighten the listeners and pull them to the dance floor. For Manny D, this album will undress his soul, pay homage to the fruits of his labor and honor his long journey. “I knew as a kid that I had an ability to understand music,” says Manny D. “I would sing and write songs, and by the age of 16, I was directing adult choirs in full set programs at my fathers church. I feel completely blessed to be given an opportunity to share my music with the world.” Manny D is on a spiritual mission, with his faith in God and the music community being his navigator. “When I had an album release party for "Amame,” says the artist. “The event sold out. It was because of this success that my manager Xavier Garza, decided to bring me to Los Angeles for several meetings with large-scale producers. What transpired in those six short days was truly a sign from above as my new career began.” Within a month, Manny D began collaborating with Latin Grammy nominated and multiple BMI award winner, songwriter/producer Toby Sandoval. Sandoval is a classically trained composer, arranger, who works with Latin and American artists, in both English and Spanish language, and has achieved jaw-dropping success penning hits such as Los Primos de Durango’s “Fuego En Tu Piel” along with his smash “Quien es Usted,” by Mexican banda star Sergio Vega. Both of these hits rank among the genre's top songs of 2009-2010 on both the Billboard and Monitor Latino Hot Latin charts. “There was an immediate connection as we shared the same goal - to make an impact in the industry with a new twist to the America pop market,” says Manny D. Toby Sandoval agrees. “I’ve worked with many artists, but Manny D has a certain fire. He’s ready for the success this new album will be sure to bring. I am proud to be a part of his journey and this collaboration,” says the Sandoval. Manny D’s album “En la Luz” will be completed in the fall of 2011.

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